Dec 31 2015

NorAg Resources Inc. has closed their Winnipeg office, and is concentrating on Eastern Canada. Doug Hilderman is no longer with the company.


Jul 28 2014

NorAg Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that Kevin Campbell has joined their team as a merchandiser.  He will be working from his home office in Seaforth, Ontario. Kevin comes with 20 years of expertise in managing coarse grain and oilseed positions, futures hedging and currency risk. He graduated from Ag. Business, University of Guelph, in 1980.
NorAg Resources Inc. provides risk management services, commodity pricing, and logistics to independent elevators and large farms, with satellite offices in Winnipeg and St. Lazare, and the head office in Port Hope.
NorAg’s mission is to provide the most current, relevant, reliable market information and risk management services, while adhering to the highest professional standards of conduct, fairness, and integrity.
Kevin can be reached at: (519) 440-6755 or

July 8 2013

Ontario Grain Terminals is proposing to construct a grain terminal on the site of the UTI dock located on Lakeshore Drive in South Dundas. Once in operation, the grain terminal expects to receive wheat, soy beans and corn during their respective harvest periods for shipment by marine vessel.  Eastern Ontario produces over one million tons of grain annually and this creates a seasonal surplus that must find its way to market. Current storage capacity in the area is insufficient creating less than ideal market conditions for local farmers at harvest.  It is expected Ontario Grain Terminals new export facility will relieve some of the congestion by providing local farmers and elevator operators with a new market for their grains.  Several major marine shippers of grain have expressed interest in loading their ships and this should provide better economics for local grain farmers.
The proposed facility will consist of two 20,000 ton grain bins similar in design and construction to grain bins on farms and grain elevators with the possibility of adding two more bins of the same size in the future is demand is sufficient. The bins are proposed to be located immediately south of Lakeshore Drive on the UTI dock.  The design includes truck unloading and loading, plus a conveyor to the edge of the water for loading ships. The proposed grain terminal is being designed by Horst Systems Ltd, a Guelph based builder of grain storage and handling systems for the past 20 years.  Earl Horst, the Founder of Horst Systems, now resides in Winchester and is actively involved in the design and construction of grain storage and handling projects in eastern Ontario. 
The truck unloading pit will have dust control systems. The aeration fans required to maintain grain quality will also be located on the south side of the grain bins.  The terminal will not have grain drying equipment. The site is in close proximity to several residences and is being designed to the highest standards to minimize the impact.  The project has recently moved to the permitting stage and construction is expected to begin after the required permits have been obtained.
Ontario Grain Terminals will be managed by Ben Currelly, CEO of NorAg Resources Inc.  As the founder and owner of NorAg Resources, Ben has over 30 years of experience as a grain farmer, elevator operator, and 12 years of experience as a grain merchandizer/trader.  Ben is well known to farmers and elevators in eastern Ontario and has developed an excellent reputation among his customers and suppliers.  NorAg provides a full suite of services to grain farmers and elevator including forward purchase contracts, hedging and logistics. For more information, please contact Ben Currelly at

Dec 17 2012
NorAg Carbon Credit Program rewards Ontario no-till farmers for environmental stewardship
PORT HOPE, ON, December 17, 2012 – Increased yield, a reduction in fuel expense and improved soil quality are some of the documented benefits of no-till, but if those aren’t compelling enough, Ben Currelly, president of NorAg Resources Inc., has another one.
“We want to reward no-till farmers for employing a more sustainable model and contributing to a cleaner environment,” explained Currelly, launching the NorAg No-Till Carbon Credit Program today in Port Hope. The program offers carbon credits in exchange for verified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
Carbon credits assist in the mitigation of climate change by compensating or "offsetting" an emissions-producing activity. By investing into improved efficiency, conservation initiatives and changes in behaviour, offset purchasers take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions they are unable to reduce by taking immediate action.
No-till provides measurable improvements over traditional tillage, by reducing carbon emissions (CO2 or greenhouse gases).
“Changing from full tillage to no tillage reduces greenhouse gas emissions in several ways,” explained Dan Fraleigh, chief operating officer of Carbonzero, a program partner and industry leader in measurable and verified emission reductions and solutions. “It sequesters carbon in the soil, meaning less is emitted into the atmosphere, and fewer passes in the field means less carbon emissions associated with fossil fuel. No-till also lowers nitrous oxide, emission 310 times more potent than CO2”.
While no-till practice has increased over the years, farmers may not be familiar with or have the time to administer their own carbon credit process.
 “We have simplified the process and made it accessible,” said Currelly. “Any farm in Ontario practicing no-till is eligible and encouraged to take part.”
To participate, farmers can register online at where they will be prompted to provide details of their no-till practices. Registration will take approximately 15-20 minutes and once approved, will be confirmed by email.
Verification of emission reductions will be performed by an accredited third-party.  NorAg will disclose a full accounting of costs and return proceeds to participating farmers. Participants also have the choice to donate proceeds to the Canadian Food Grains Bank for a tax receipt.
“In addition to the monetary value of the carbon credits, there are benefits to participating in this type of program,” explained Yves Legault of L2I Financial Solutions, a leader in carbon offsetting and program partner. “We’ve seen how sustainable practices lead to improved market position in examples like fair-trade and organics. Customers want to do business with environmentally-minded organizations and they are willing to a pay a premium to do so.”
It’s also, according to Fraleigh, about being part of the solution. A single carbon credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.
“There is an opportunity here, to highlight the contributions that no-till farmers are making to fight climate change and to encourage others to do the same.”
For more information on NorAg’s No-Till Carbon Credit program, visit or call 1-888-798-9666
NorAg and its partners recognize Grain Farmers of Ontario for its support of the Carbon Credit program.
Media Contacts:
Ben Currelly                                                              Dan Fraleigh
NorAg Resources, Inc.                                              Carbonzero                                        
1-888-798-9666                                                        1-866-568-4221 ext. 1001

NorAg Resources Inc. is an agricultural commodity merchandiser based in Port Hope, Ontario doing business across Canada. NorAg’s operations include the purchase and resale of agricultural commodities from grain elevators and large-scale producers, to food processors, ethanol and feed manufacturers.  This involves hedging positions and trading in these commodities. NorAg has eleven employees including commodity traders and administrative staff, with offices in Port Hope, Ste-Marthe, Quebec and Winnipeg, Manitoba.. In2012, Profit magazine ranked NorAg as #141 on its fastest growing companies in Canada.
Carbonzero was founded in 2006 and has rapidly risen to become a leader in the design and implementation of corporate carbon reduction strategies and solutions. Carbonzero's approach, tools and services help organizations, governments and individuals prepare for the low carbon economy by aiding them to measure, manage, and mitigate their emissions. Focused on Canadian-based offset projects, Carbonzero is committed to providing the highest quality carbon offsets, developed through the most stringent verification practices, based on a principle of transparency and open audit trail.

Active in the carbon market since 2005, L2I Solutions is recognized as a major player in the carbon market in Quebec and the rest of Canada. In addition to being the leading quantifier of GHG emission reductions in Canada, L2I has an in-depth knowledge of the North American carbon market. Already active and known on the Quebec and Ontario markets for several years, L2i is also a market intermediary. In this capacity, the firm acts on a contract basis, in the carbon sales cycle, as a supplier of several national and world-class brokers, market makers and financial institutions.

Nov. 30 2012

We are pleased to announce that Alain Menard has accepted the position of VP - Merchandising at NorAg Resources Inc. Alain will be working at the Port Hope office managing the corn position as well as other responsibilities. We look forward to having Alain on our management team.

Nov. 29 2012 
NorAg Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that Micheline Leclair has joined their team as a Merchandiser.  She will be working from her home office in South Western Quebec. Micheline comes with 5 years of grain and oilseed merchandising experience, most recently with Belcan as the Director of Grain Services. Micheline is a graduate of the University of Guelph, Alfred Campus.
NorAg Resources Inc. provides risk management services, commodity pricing, and logistics to independent elevators and large farms, with satellite offices in Manitoba and Quebec, and the head office in Port Hope, Ontario.
NorAg’s mission is to provide the most current, relevant, reliable market information and risk management services, while adhering to the highest professional standards of conduct, fairness, and integrity.

Jul 19 2012

NorAg one of Canada's fastest growing companies
Plans in the works to build two ports

By Brandy Harrison

It's already one of Canada's fastest growing companies according to national business magazine Profit, but NorAg Resources Inc. is reaching higher still: founder Ben Currelly aims to double its volume in five years and is set to build two export ports on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

With a 322 per cent jump in profits from 2006 to 2011, the Port Hope-based grain merchant ranked 141 on the magazine's annual list of the 200 fastest growing companies. Profit solicits entries and evaluates five-year growth
with financial statements.

"I've been congratulated by many people we've dealt with over the years and it's certainly increased NorAg's profile," says Currelly, who has done feasibility studies for two new ports on the St. Lawrence.

He's quick to credit his staff and the company's values for its success, emphasizing that profits come from increased volume.

"I'm a firm believer that increased margins are the death knell of any trading company. If you wish to grow a company, it's not going to be on the backs of farmers," says Currelly, whose family cash crops 3,400 acres and owns a grain elevator operation. "We make every effort and feel ethically-bound to pay the highest price possible for grain."

While he says rising prices and a shift from livestock sectors to cash crops have helped expand the bottom line for many grain companies, he also likes to think of his traders as good relationship managers.

"It's not only about price. People deal with people they can trust and people who will accomplish what they say they can accomplish."

Don't forget to check out our new Winnipeg office. Doug Hilderman can be reached at :

377 Moore Road
West St. Paul, Manitoba
Office: 204 414 3319
Toll Free: 855-478-2449
Cell: 204 793 6941
Fax: 204 282 4494

 NorAg Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that Sean McNamara and Doug Hilderman have joined their team. Sean has joined the team as Merchandiser Manager.  He will be located in the Port Hope office. Sean comes with 15 years of grain and oilseed merchandising experience, most recently with TRT ETGO as VP of Oilseed Procurement and Hedging. Before joining TRT ETGO, Mr. McNamara was Head Research Coordinator and Commodity Broker with Kompass Commodities Int. based out of Pickering, Ontario. Mr. McNamara also spent 6 years with ADM having various roles and responsibilities throughout Canada and Germany.
Doug has joined the Norag team as VP Merchandising Western Grain.  He will be located in the Western Canada office. Doug comes with 25 years of grain and oilseed merchandising experience, most recently spending 13 years with ADM as Canadian Grain Manager.  He graduated from the University of Winnipeg with an Economics degree in 1987.
NorAg Resources Inc. provides risk management services, commodity pricing, and logistics to independent elevators and large farms. The head office is located in Port Hope, On with satellite offices in Winnipeg and St. Lazare, Quebec.
NorAg’s mission is to provide the most current, relevant, reliable market information and risk management services, while adhering to the highest professional standards of conduct, fairness, and integrity.
For Further Information contact
Ben Currelly
NorAg Resources Inc.